Our clients are awesome. They range from one-person startups all the way to international multi-billion dollar conglomerates.

We've been fortunate to work with incredible companies over the years, and had the pleasure of watching them succeed. They provide payment infrastructure, loans, build houses, make rum, manufacturer metal, run social enterprises, help the most needy children, and employ hundreds of thousands of people.

Regardless of what industry they come from or what they do, they always know that Mäd can help them solve their toughest business challenges. They choose Mäd because they look for a partner which shares the same beliefs that they hold, and are setup in a way to ensure a successful long term partnership.

Can You Spot What They Have In Common?

  • Long Term Thinking. Our clients make decisions based on long term goals and advantages, they don't think quarter to quarter.
  • They understand quality. They understand that if you pay peanuts you'll get monkeys, and understand that quality takes time and effort.
  • They push boundaries. They believe in a world where things can always be done better, and aren't afraid to try something crazy.

Get In Touch.

If you want to #workwithmad and take your business performance to the next level, then send us an email at and let's take next steps.

Client Onboarding.

For more information about working with Mäd, please explore our onboarding process.

Mäd Client Onboarding.
If you’re a new client of Mäd, this article will help you understand the process of getting onboarded as a client of Mäd and the various steps to be taken prior to kicking off a project.


Thought sharing is a key component for success. At Mäd, we regularly don hats from multiple industries to deep dive into niche knowledge areas. To be able to understand such diverse topics, we try to learn from the best.

We've teamed up with various influential industry leaders to put together an interview series. In the series, we discuss digitalisation, best working practises, challenges, and explore the journeys undertaken by many successful corporate figures.

Interviews. - Mäd • Make It Happen.™

Case Studies.

We take pride in our work, and value our relation-able approach with clients. As such, we document our processes to give a deeper understanding of Mäd values.

Our case studies give prospective clients the opportunity to learn more about the Mäd thought processes. Whether you are looking for a new website, or designing a new brand, being able to gain a detailed behind-the-scenes view of how we work can prove valuable to your screening processes.

Selected below, is a choice sample of some past projects.

Pi Pay.

Pi Pay.
We built a brand and mobile application that revolutionized the payments industry in a frontier economy. In the first year they processed $200m+, gained 250,000+ users, and ranked #7 on the App Store.


Discover how we took a business idea from concept to execution across an entire region.

Canadia Bank.

Canadia Bank Case Study
We helped Cambodia’s largest bank become a digital powerhouse.


Designing for Designers is always a challenge, one we embrace. We recently created a sleek website to showcase the dynamic upcoming ODOM project.


Work. - Mäd • Make It Happen.™
Explore what we have achieved.